Re: IPv6 Prefix Delegation through Network Manager

Hi dag dg via networkmanager-list!

 On 2018.09.04 at 09:29:26 -0500, dag dg via networkmanager-list wrote next:

I've been trying to migrate my linux-based router to using
NetworkManager for the majority of my network management tasks. The
one area I've hit a snag on is the IPv6 prefix delegation piece.

I've read numerous posts/threads/etc stating that Network Manager is
capable of handling prefix delegation by setting the ipv6.method to
shared but even in this mode my nm service seems to just sit there. It
handles ipv4 just fine but doesn't get anywhere with ipv6.

I don't think PD in NetworkManager with ipv6.method=shared works at all.
(which might be the reason why there isn't much documentation)

I've tried various things (reported here
but never managed to get it to work, while dhclient 4.2.5 accepts PD
just fine (don't even need wide-dhcpd, though that one works as well).



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