Re: IPv6 RA route add/removal does not trigger dispatch action

On Sun, 2018-10-21 at 18:18 -0700, Matthew Gyurgyik wrote:
My ISPs router/modem does not support DHCPv6 and therefore I can only
use stateless configuration. To deal with some silliness from my from
my ISP, I need perform some extra configuration once the interface
gets an IP address. I'd like to re-run the script when addresses are
added or removed from the interface. 

When I bring up the interface, I see the `pre-up`, `up`, and `dhcp6-
change` actions get triggered. However, when new routes are added or
removed from the router advertisement,  NetworkManager adds/removes
the the corresponding  addresses, but does not trigger a dispatch

Is the lack of a dispatch event expected and/or desired behavior?
Should an action get triggered?

Running Fedora 28 with NetworkManager-1.10.12.


I think it's a missing feature.

However, it also seems problematic, because a lot of router
advertisements are received. Running the dispatcher scripts each time,
sounds expensive. But they could be in a separate directory, and NM
would only spawn the dispatcher if there are any scripts there. Like
already done for pre-up and pre-down.


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