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Hello NM-community,

firth of all: thank you for this feature-rich networking tool, so far
did it never missed my needs!

However did I run into huge problems since I am working on changing
locations and need to connect into unsecured wifi-networks that use a
web-based login-page (sometimes you have to enter a username and
password sometimes you just need to press a bottom to confirm to the
Terms of Usage). In any way, I can login to those networks to the
firth time and use it without any problems. But after some time I got
disconnected or turned off the laptop and from this moment on was I
complete unable to connect to those networks again. Even the "forget
network" function inside the history doesn't changed anything. Can
this be related to that I use '''wifi.cloned-mac-address=random''' to
randomly change my mac-addresses on every new connection?


it is quite possible that such a login-page (captive portal) would
recognize you base on the MAC address. So, if you change the MAC
address, you would need to re-authenticate.

If you subsequently fail to re-authenticate, then it's unclear why the
login-page would be have that way. Maybe it stores a cookie in your
browser and does not like you changing the MAC address? That seems a
bit unusual though.

I wouldn't expect that deleting and re-creating the connection profile
in NetworkManager would help here.

Note there is "wifi.cloned-mac-address=stable" which precisely exists
to give you a scrambled MAC address but also control of when it
changes. The "stable" goes together with "connection.stable-id", see
`man nm-settings` and [1].



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