Re: howto define which slave provides the mac addr for the bridge

On Wed, 2018-05-23 at 07:16 +0000, thilo cestonaro ts fujitsu com

I want to connect a real ethernet adapter and a virtual ethernet
adapter to a
bridge. The bridge itself is configured to ask a dhcp for an ip

The problem is, that I can't tell the bridge to always use the mac
address of
the real ethernet adapter. Rather than it is more or less luck which
one's mac
address the bridge uses. Mostly the address of the virtual adapter
which is not
hardcoded and will be generated at every boot (which is ok, I don't
want to
hardcode this).

Is it possible to define which slave provides the mac addr for the
The first slave which is enslaved? The last slave?
Or can I set a property in the slaves or bridges settings?
Do I need to retrieve the mac addr of the real adapter and assign it
via a
script to the bridge?


Which version of NetworkManager is this?

I think if you configure connection.autoconnect-slaves=yes on the
master, activating the master will re-activate the slaves in a defined
order. With this, the slaves probably should be all

Then, you may also configure connection.autoconnect-priority on the
slaves, to ensure that the order is as you wish.

That should work, but I don't think we test this sufficiently. Hope
it's not broken :)


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