Re: Can Network Manager be used for router-type configurations?

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 10:55:07AM +0000, Nick Howitt wrote:
I currently use ClearOS which is a CentOS derivative which can run
as a full internet gateway and does not use Network Manager. I've
been trying to evaluate Network Manager in Centos 7.4 to see if it
can be used in ClearOS to manage the interfaces and so far I've

Since no one has replied...  I'm running a Freedombox on an apu1d4
(a small low power single board computer with 3 ethernet interfaces)
and it uses Network Manager.  The FreedomBox software

makes it easy to set up a gateway/firewall system that is secure
and offers many other services so it's also a home server.

The FreedomBox software handles a lot of the details you ask about,
but you might also have to customize depending on your specific
requirements if they differ from what the FreedomBox is designed
to do in its default mode.

Maybe not what you want but it's an option.



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