Can Network Manager be used for router-type configurations?

I currently use ClearOS which is a CentOS derivative which can run as a full internet gateway and does not use Network Manager. I've been trying to evaluate Network Manager in Centos 7.4 to see if it can be used in ClearOS to manage the interfaces and so far I've struggled.

NM seems fine for running external interfaces and can easily join the Ethernet and WPA2 networks I have access to. Where I've struggled is the LAN interfaces.

For Wireless, the gui utilities have pulled some funny tricks on me, but I have been able to use nm-connection-editor to create a WEP secured hotspot. If I switched it to WPA/PSK I could never get a connection. One of my NIC's (EW-7811Un) would repeatedly ask for the PSK and the other (zd1201rw) seemed to authenticate but never pull an IP address. nmtui configured interfaces never even gave me a WEP connection.

I also tried through the command line with the zd1201rw NIC with:
nmcli c add type wifi ifname wlp0s18f2u2 con-name nick autoconnect no ssid TEST nmcli connection modify nick 802-11-wireless.mode ap bg ipv4.method shared
nmcli connection modify nick wifi-sec.key-mgmt wpa-psk
nmcli connection modify nick wifi-sec.psk "12345678"
nmcli connection up nick

But I failed to connect.

One thing I could not find in Hotspot mode was any way of controlling the IP range used by dnsmasq. If I gave the NIC a .1 address, it automatically used .10-.254 for its DHCP range. Is this controllable in any way? I could not see any nmcli options for this. Alternatively, can dnsmasq be disabled in hotspot mode? Also is it possible to set up any other DHCP options such as options 42 (NTP), 44 and 46 (for WINS)?

When testing on a wired LAN NIC I could find no equivalent of the wireless hotspot mode so I had to configure dnsmasq manually. Is there something I have overlooked?


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