Re: NM removes default route installed by zebra

On Mon, 2018-03-26 at 08:53 -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
On Mon, 2018-03-26 at 14:08 +0200, Thomas Haller wrote:

In the log, the first activation attempt fails,

Why does it fail?  It should be statically assigned IPv4.

 ++ ipv6.may-fail             = FALSE

set ipv6.may-fail to yes, if you want that the connection stays up
without IPv6.

here you say "statically assigned". Below you say "that defeats the
purpose of using a dynamic routing protocol".

that cause
NetworkManager to tear down the interface, and remove all IP
(and routes).
It fails, because no IP address is received within timeout.

Do you mean an IPv6 activation attempt fails so it tears down
everything including IPv4 and IPv6?

yes, if activation fails, everything goes down (depending on ipvx.may-

So this is just more fallout of the router incorrectly advertising
DHCP6 configuration?

probably not. IPv6 Neighbour discovery times out. That is even before
DHCPv6 is done.

If you don't want NM to manage this device, mark it as unmanaged
just don't create a connection that is configured to autoconnect).

It's not so much that I don't want NM to manage the device.  I just
want it to know that routing will be handled by a routing daemon and

What is interesting is that when this all happens, it's only the
default route that is not restored by zebra.  All other routes
installed by zebra are back up once NM succeeds in configuring the

I don't know what zebra is or does. It's a bad idea to have two
programs (NetworkManager and zebra(?)) configuring the same networking

Most likely, you just want to delete the connection profile for
interface, `nmcli connection delete "$PROFILE"`.

Meaning not have NM manage it and let RH's native networking scripts
handle configuring it?

What you want. What does zebra do?

You could also configure the route in NetworkManager (by setting

It is the IPv4 default route that is getting removed.  But even if I
were to configure that route using ipv4.gateway, that defeats the
purpose of using a dynamic routing protocol, which is what is used

You only have one connection profile in NetworkManager. See `nmcli
connection show`, there is 90f5409c-bd23-48f2-b03f-325333198827 (name
"enp2s0"). This profile doesn't look like it's configured by you or to
your needs (e.g. the bogus ::2 token).
I think you should fix the configuration, simpliest by just deleting
this profile and creating a new one.


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