Re: Problem I've been having with dhclient dhcp in Fedora27

It happened when I was not logging at TRACE level. The normal NM log just stopped showing dhclient messages at all (and ps didn't show dhclient running). I've switched to dhcp=internal because it was getting randomly annoying (happens only every other day or so). Haven't had any problems since switching to internal.


I will switch back to dhcp=dhclient with TRACE logging over the next couple of days. I will also set up a monitor to see if dhclient process exists, and log when it disappears, if I get a chance.




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On Fri, 2018-01-12 at 11:35 -0500, dpreed deepplum com

> For some reason *dhclient* sometimes seems to die either prior to or
> during my desktop's "sleep/wake" cycle when it's not in use. Not
> always, just sometimes. It's clear it's dhclient, because the
> dhclient process is gone, but NetworkManager doesn't feel it needs to
> restart that process, when it brings up the connection after the
> wake.
> Any thoughts on why this might happen or what to look for would be
> helpful.
> If I figure things out, I''l let someone know (here if it's NM
> related -- it affects NM, in any case, but seems likely to be a
> dhclient problem).

NM should be notified when dhclient process terminates, and it should
take appropriate actions (either failing the connection, or retrying).

Can you again post a complete logfile to see why that is not happening?


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