Re: Setting autoconnect vs. device autoconnect.

On Tue, 2018-01-09 at 15:49 +0100, Ana Rodríguez López wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I use nmcli for supervision. Thanks for the useful commands!

I use libnm for my program. When a device (Ethernet or Modem) is
needed, I use nm_client_activate_connection_async(). I use
nm_device_disconnect_async() to disconnect when it's not needed any
more. And so on.

The setting NM_SETTING_CONNECTION_AUTOCONNECT is set to true in both
profiles (Ethernet and ModemGSM).

Does autoconnect take effect after being blocked for manually
disconnect,after I manually activate the connection with
nm_client_activate_connection_async()? I want NM to keep on trying to
connect, if for some reason the connection fails or disconnects. Is
this the proper way to do it?


If you manually deactivate a connection, autoconnect will be blocked.
If you manually activate a connection again, future autoconnects should
be reenabled again.

Basically, it should work as one would expect.


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