Re: Internal dhcp unable to acquire IP from certain routers, breaking network connection for many users


On Tue, 2018-01-02 at 12:44 -0500, dpreed deepplum com wrote:
I am having a similar problem with NM's internal dhcp client on
Fedora 27. 

your problem doesn't seam similar, because
  - as you later say, you are using dhclient DHCP plugin, not internal
  - mleman never gets an IP address, while you seemlingy get one
    (which times out).

I will do a TRACE log, and when the problem happens again, I will
share the info.
Anything else I should look at to diagnose this?

A logfile with TRACE logging would be a good start.

Note that dhclient has an a problem when the system clock changes.
Do you see the issue related to time changes (ntp)?


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