RE: networkmanager permissions problem

I've previously compiled modemmanager and networkmanager from source 
on x86_64 (non-systemd) and they work fine.

Using basically the same method on an RPi3 (non-systemd) - I get 
permissions problems.

I've compiled both (ModemManager-1.6.12, NetworkManager-1.4.6) with 
and without polkit, but both give a permissions error on starting nm- 

I've tried starting nm-dispatcher and polkitd directly as root (the 
dbus and networkmanager daemons are running as root) and neither give 

It's not polkit that's the problem here. It's D-Bus service activation that's not able
to launch nm-dispatcher or wpa_supplicant or polkit. 
Perhaps that's because of something like selinux or apparmor preventing the
main dbus-daemon process from running them, or perhaps permissions aren't
set on them correctly, or perhaps the paths in the service activation files in
/etc/dbus-1/system.d/ aren't correct.

Activation is a feature of dbus that actually runs the given program the first
time a request is made to that program's D-Bus interface.  On systemd systems,
that's handled by systemd.  On non-systemd systems, D- Bus has a helper that
the main dbus-daemon execs which then runs the given service binary.


The permissions on dbus-daemon-launch-helper were incorrect.

Things work fine now - sorry for the noise.


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