Re: Wireguard Plugin for NM

Hi Thomas,

Upstream WireGuard here.

I still think, it would be great to have wireguard support in
NetworkManager not via a VPN plugin. But that is for another day.

I fully agree, and I'd be happy to work with you on doing this, if
you're interested. For this, you can either attempt to reuse the
systemd-networkd stuff, or roll it yourself, likely using some
derivative of this code:
. It doesn't look like you're using any of the systemd netlink library
stuff now, so it may indeed be best to roll it yourself.

I've been suggesting to Max that he makes his plugin talk to the
kernel directly, because the current implementation of shelling out to
wg-quick has numerous problems and so the current plugin shouldn't be
used as is. But hopefully it'll get there.

Are you interested in working on real non-plugin NetworkManager
integration? If so, maybe find me on freenode (I'm zx2c4), and we can


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