Bond eth-wifi

Hi I have set up a wifi ethernet bond with the following commands on a Debian stretch machine, nmcli tool, version 1.6.2.

# nmcli con add type bond ifname wifiether mode active-backup

# nmcli con add type wifi ifname wlp3s0 ssid ganesha master wifiether

# nmcli con add type ethernet ifname enp0s25 master wifiether

# nmcli con up bond-slave-wlp3s0

# nmcli con up bond-slave-enp0s25

I have the wifi-security section on made the eth0 to be the primary. Witch so far works good.

I have problems on when I lose the wifi

connection and on reboot, the wifi adapter gets disconnected and stays so, therefore the slave cannot connect again.

After simply turning wifi on and off the slave reconnects again and every thing is working again.

What do i miss?

Tell me what additional information do you need, i did not want to blow this mail.

kind regards,


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