NetworkManager, n-acd and GPLv2 license compatibility

Hi David, Tom, nm-list,

Since version 1.11.2-dev, NetworkManager uses n-acd library [1] for
IPv4 address collision detection. We imported commit [2] to
NetworkManager's source tree in April 2018 [3].

NetworkManager daemon is licensed GPLv2+, while n-acd at that time was
licensed Apache License 2.0. That means, the combination was only
redistributable under the terms of GPLv3, which is undesirable for us.
This in particular affects NetworkManager releases 1.12.0 and 1.12.2.

In the meantime, David Herrmann and Tom Gundersen were very forthcoming
and dual-licensed n-acd under APL2 and LGPL2.1+ [4].

We hereby ask David and Tom to retroactively agree using the older n-
acd commit a68b55992dd7b38bdb9dbbdba4a9284ff2c2cce3 [2] under terms of
GPLv2+, to resolve this licensing issue for NetworkManager.

Thomas Haller


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