NetworkManager 1.10.0 autoconnect to hidden SSID on BeagleBone Black Wireless

Hi everybody,
I am not able to have NM 1.10.0 autoconnect to a hidden network.

If I do a "nmcli c up <my connection>" it is able to connect.

Here are the TRACE level logs:


# nmcli c show

NAME           UUID                                  TYPE    DEVICE      
test-dns      0a01d26b-ca0f-4640-a664-469d3107fed9  bridge  test-dns   
test-wifi-01  a58e405d-fdc2-3649-9339-5bbaea740c76  wifi    wlan1       
hyper0    c232748b-2cb7-43cd-884b-0f811773c11b  bridge  hyper0 

Any clue? Thanks

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