Re: Pantech UML290 - 106c:3718 - QMI Modem

I have a Pantech UML290 LTE USB modem that talks QMI on my host.  I am
having an issue setting the APN (and it appears PPP options when not running
LTE) for this device.

When the device is not plugged in and I use nm-connection-editor to create a
new MobileBroadband connection, I can select Verizon LTE and choose my APN I
need to connect to (it is an APN of a provider that uses VZ's network).
When I plug the modem in, that connection is not available to use on the
device (I did select "Any Device" for mobile broadband device), but it does
not show.

If I create the connection after it is plugged in and all of the devices are
created wwan0, /dev/cdc-wdm0, then I cannot enter an APN manually - the GUI
skips right over it.  I compared the 2 connection entries on the filesystem,
and the one I cannot select the APN on is using CDMA and dialing the normal
CDMA ppp number (#777).

Any idea how I can get this to use the LTE network and still select an APN?

What ModemManager version are you using? What's the output of "mmcli
-m 0" when you plug in the device?

For this device, it should report it supports both 3GPP (e.g. lte) and
3GPP2 (e.g. cdma/evdo) capabilities. For the former you need to
specify an APN, for the latter, you don't. In this case, the GUI
should allow you to specify the APN as all your connection requests
should go in the same way regardless of access tech.

If you say it's defaulting to PPP on #777 it may not be doing
correctly the QMI probing for some reason. Debug logs would help, see:


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