Pantech UML290 - 106c:3718 - QMI Modem


I have a Pantech UML290 LTE USB modem that talks QMI on my host.  I am having an issue setting the APN (and it appears PPP options when not running LTE) for this device.

When the device is not plugged in and I use nm-connection-editor to create a new MobileBroadband connection, I can select Verizon LTE and choose my APN I need to connect to (it is an APN of a provider that uses VZ's network).  When I plug the modem in, that connection is not available to use on the device (I did select "Any Device" for mobile broadband device), but it does not show.

If I create the connection after it is plugged in and all of the devices are created wwan0, /dev/cdc-wdm0, then I cannot enter an APN manually - the GUI skips right over it.  I compared the 2 connection entries on the filesystem, and the one I cannot select the APN on is using CDMA and dialing the normal CDMA ppp number (#777).

Any idea how I can get this to use the LTE network and still select an APN?
Thanks in advance!


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