Re: autoproxy configuration in 1.6

On Sun, 2017-03-05 at 11:07 +0530, Atul Anand wrote:
Hi Brian,

Hi Atul,

Much thanks for getting back to me.  Hopefully this does not take much
effort to figure out.

I guess the issue is with DBus activation of PacRunner. NM pushes
config into PacRunner iff later one is available on Bus.

Indeed.  It is there.  I can push a configuration with "gdbus".

# pacrunner -nd

Interesting.  So I ran pacrunner like this and then did a "systemctl
restart network".  After the network came back up:

$ proxy

But after I manually poke a configuration into pacrunner with:

$ sudo gdbus call --system --dest org.pacrunner --object-path /org/pacrunner/manager --method 
org.pacrunner.Manager.CreateProxyConfiguration "{'Method': <'auto'>, 'URL': 
(objectpath '/org/pacrunner/configuration10',)

you can see that I am getting the expected results:

$ proxy

You can find the whole pacrunner log here:

I've filtered out the following messages just to keep the client
request noise down:

src/client.c:jsrun_thread() url
src/proxy.c:pacrunner_proxy_lookup() url
src/client.c:jsrun_thread() result (null)
src/client.c:jsrun_thread() sender


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