Re: autoproxy configuration in 1.6

Hi Brian,

I guess the issue is with DBus activation of PacRunner. NM pushes
config into PacRunner iff later one is available on Bus. This
discussion may be relevant[1].

You can check if NM is actually sending data to PacRunner by starting
it and reading logs:

# pacrunner -nd


Atul Anand

On 3/5/17, Brian J. Murrell <brian interlinx bc ca> wrote:

I read with great interest about the autoproxy configuration that is
supposed to be available in 1.6, so I installed 1.6.1.

My DHCP server provides a WPAD option and NM is receiving it:

$ nmcli connection show 'pc_bridge' | grep wpad
DHCP4.OPTION[17]:  wpad =
DHCP4.OPTION[22]:  requested_wpad = 1

Is that now supposed to be enough to expect my pacrunner to have been
configured to use that proxy.pac file?  Or is there more that needs to
be done?  I ask of course because my pacrunner still does not seem to
be getting configured to use that PAC script:

$ proxy

If I manually poke the PAC url into pacrunner it does work though:

# gdbus call --system --dest org.pacrunner --object-path
/org/pacrunner/manager --method
org.pacrunner.Manager.CreateProxyConfiguration "{'Method': <'auto'>, 'URL':
(objectpath '/org/pacrunner/configuration33',)
$ proxy



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