Re: Help fixing nm-applet under appindicator.

On Fri, 2017-01-27 at 18:55 +1030, Simon Lees wrote:
Hi all,

Currently when nm-applet is configured with --with-appindicator it
to run, some debugging shows that "nma_init" is called but
"applet_startup" is not, the following line leads me to believe that
startup signal is not being called but I don't know enough about how
works to debug much further

g_signal_connect (applet, "startup", G_CALLBACK (applet_startup),

Quick first question; are you running it with the "--indicator"
argument when launching the applet?  That actually makes the applet be
an indicator instead of a status area icon when it's run.  --with-
appindicator is necessary at build-time to build in the right support
and link to the right libraries, but you also  need --indicator at
runtime to make it so.

Beyond that, the "startup" signal is from GApplication and should be
delivered as such: "The ::startup signal is emitted on the primary
instance immediately after registration."

This signal should be emitted by calling g_application_register(),
which is called from g_application_run() either directly or from

I've just tested latest git master applet with "--indicator" and it
appears to work for me.  So if you are using "--indicator" and it's
still not appearing in the indicator area, can you double-check in
applet_startup() that it's really not getting called?  If it's not, can
you check the applet's stdout/stderr for messages from GLib?


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