Disable autoconnect for new wifi connections by default


I would like to disable autoconnect for new wifi connections by default.
I prefer to control when my device is connected to public/shared wifi
which identity cannot be determined ultimately (aka fake networks with
well known ssid).

I know I can do it manually via UI or nmcli, but I would prefer to
configure it once (in the way as cloned-mac-address in global
configuration) and only enable autoconnect for well know (and properly
configured - with certificates) networks.

Two questions:
1. Is it currently possible? 'device' section doesn't seem to accept
that property.
2. How can I read/list default configuration for new wifi connections
(e.g. wifi.cloned-mac-address - nmcli allows that only for existing
connections, not devices)?

NM 1.4.4, Fedora 25.


http://blog.solidsoft.info/ - Working code is not enough

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