RE: assigning priority to connection

Hi Thomas

Ok thanks for the info, at least it's not a silly configuration mistake I've made so that's good news.

It's an embedded Linux using Yocto and version was just the version that there happened to be a 
recipe for. I can see about getting my colleague to use a newer version of NM instead. If the priority is 
naturally Ethernet->wlan->wwan then that would be good for me as I wouldn't have to fiddle with 
ipv4.route-metric etc.



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On Thu, 2017-02-09 at 16:32 +0000, Gary Metalle wrote:
I’m using of network manager and have noticed that there is 
no (apparent) priority given between a wifi and 3G connection. If I 
have an Ethernet connection connected then network manager sets the 
default route etc. as expected and the other connections are not used 
(but still connected). If I disconnect the Ethernet, it’s currently 
hit and miss whether it switches to wifi or 3G (usually actually 3G).
Since there is a cost associated with 3G (and it’s slower) I’d rather 
I could assign a priority but can’t see how to do this. On older 
versions you could use nmcli to change the ‘connection.connection- 
priority’ setting or the ‘ipv4.route-metric’ but these seem to have 
disappeared recently? Maybe there’s another way of doing this that I 
haven’t found with the usual googling?
I obviously would like the priority to be Ethernet->wifi->3G so that 
if currently using 3G and say a wifi connection becomes available then 
it should switch to that. I’m surprised this isn’t the default 
behaviour unless it’s the cacca way I’ve set things up.
I’ve noticed that nm sets the ‘metric’ to 1024 for the interface with 
the default route and all others are 0. I have no problem with that, 
it’s just an observation.

0.9.10 is very old. It didn't have ipv4.route-metric.

Also, on newer NM is the priority Ethernet>wifi>wwan (in absence of ipv4.route-metric).

Not sure what to do on 0.9.10. Upgrade is not an option, I presume?


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