Re: network manager does not lauch openvpn

On Tue, 2017-01-31 at 14:30 -0200, Ethy H. Brito wrote:
Hi all

environment: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (gnome)

Left clicking NM at status bar, selecting VPN connections ->
myopenvpn does nothing.

But I can start it from console like "nmcli c up id myopenvpn"

Also I cannot shut it down from there, but i can from console.

"/var/log/syslog" or dmesg are of no help. They both shows nothing
about it
when launching from graphics interface.

How can I debug why it does not launch from graphic interface?




the GUI should do something very similar to what nmcli does. So, it's
unclear why it wouldn't work.

It's also not clear which GUI you are using, as there are several. Is
it nm-applet?


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