Re: Format of the OpenVPN file

Are you feeding your config file to openvpn binary on the command line?

I suspect OpenVPN and NM have different config formats and NM expects NM-exported file.

Here's an example of OpenVPN connection, exported from NM (I simply exported mine), try adopting it to your needs:

remote ''
ca '/ca.crt'
cert '/client1.crt'
key '/client1.key'
dev tun
proto tcp
script-security 2
user nm-openvpn
group nm-openvpn

--Regards, Aleksei
On 28/12/17 13:35, Guillaume Betous wrote:

I have an openvpn setup which works fine on command-line. I have a single file which contains inline keys.

When I try to import it on network-manager (not sure of the version, but I run Ubuntu 17.10), I have an error with message like "cannot read or does not contain known VPN data / ERROR : plugin does not handle import" (French message is : Le fichier xxx.ovpn est illisible ou ne contient pas d'information de connexion VPN reconnues. ERREUR : le greffon ne prend pas en charge la fonction d'importation).

I could not find anywhere a clear documentation about the needed file format.

Thank you for your help,



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