VPN plugins and IP/DHCP configuration


I am currently developing a wireguard VPN plugin [1] for
I am wondering how the device configuration works for VPN devices.

You can get the IP settings using
nm_connection_get_setting_ip4_config(). It is the VPN plugin's job to
apply these settings, right?
What I do not get, yet, is why does the plugin report these settings
back to NM using nm_vpn_service_plugin_set_ip4_config()?
NM already knows these settings - or is it just to confirm back to NM
what settings were really applied?

And how does it work for DHCP? Does NM start an DHCP client daemon for
the device that was created or is it the plugin's job to run a DHCP



[1] https://github.com/manuels/wg-p2p-nm-plugin

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