Re: debian backports of modemmanager, network-manager, and dependencies


   I have produced backports of the packages listed below from debian stretch to debian jessie for my 
personal use. My changes are hosted on github. Built packages >are hosted on Google Drive. The newer 
versions of modemmanager and network-manager have some features I couldn't resist, and the backport was 
really straight >forward. I just thought I'd share, so others could benefit.

Backported packages:
   * modemmanager 1.6.0-1
   * network-manager 1.2.4
   * libqmi 1.16.0-1
   * libmbim 1.14.0-1
   * audit (libaudit) 1:2.6.6-1
   * ppp 2.4.7-1+3

I don't see any particular reason to backport them, are them all no-change backports?
did you ask the maintainers to backport them? with Buster going to be released soon, I don't
see any good reason to maintain such packages, at least I would ask the maintainers to backport
them if needed.


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