NetworkManager 1.4.2 ppp/modem connection problems after NM restart


The issue is probably easy to solve by some WA, but I would like to better understand the NetworkManager (NM) design objectives to make sure that I will go in right way.
So if someone could have look I would be grateful.

The problem is that I am not able to restore ppp connection after NetworkManger restart.
Steps to reproduce:

GSM configuration is stored in "system-connections" and NM & MM has been started. MM made dial-up and after that NM started pppd and PPP link has been established
allowing access to Internet.

NetworkManager has been restarted (killed by SIGTERM and started again)
PPP link is still available but Internet connection has been lost.
MM is not able to fully access modem, because main modem's port is locked by previous pppd,
but it seems that MM disables PDP context using second port.

I tried to restart pppd after restarting NM, but MM does not start
dial-up procedure and modem does not switch to PDP context and
pppd is killed by NM after 20s timeout.

Restarting MM solves the issue, but question is how it should be done?
Should NM close pppd or deactivate MM state on exit?


ModemManager: 1.6.2
pppd: 2.4.7

Best Regards,

Paweł Lenkow
Sr. Software Engineer
Camlin Technologies Poland Limited Sp. z o.o.
Strzegomska 48A,
53-611 Wroclaw

Tel:     (+48) 71 75 000 16
Email:   p lenkow camlintechnologies com

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