remote connections 'unsaved' property changes after save() to disk


I tried to rely on the result of nm_remote_connection_get_unsaved() to determine whether a remote connection was saved to disk or not. If I only save a connection, the status of 'unsaved' becomes false - as expected. Unfortunately, if I activate the connection afterwards, the status is changed back to 'true', meaning the connection is unsaved now.

Is that the intended behavior of the 'unsaved' property? The documentation states that this means the connection changed compared to the on-disk representation. Now, the only thing that really changes on disk when re-saving the connection is its time stamp..

I followed the code to this snippet in src/settings/nm-settings-connection.c:

  connection_changed_cb (NMSettingsConnection *self, gpointer unused)
          set_unsaved (self, TRUE);
          _emit_updated (self, FALSE);

meaning the connection is set to 'unsaved' unconditionally every time the connection changes. This also seems to include changes in the connections status (active, deactivated, ..) which should be completely irrelevant for the on-disk representation.

Could you clarify why nm behaves this way, or if this is a bug. And if its intended behavior, do I have a chance to reliably detect whether a connection was saved either only 'temporary' or really 'persistent'?

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