Persistent network interface configuration for several wwan modems


I have several wwan usb modems connected to a single PC. Currently, the PC is running Ubuntu 16.10 which comes with network-manager-1.2.4. I would like to have a network interface configuration where all modems get up and running at all times, each with an IP address and a default route. Each wwan modem has a sim card, which requires specific apn and pin settings.

What is the recommended way to configure these wwan modems in a persistent way?

In contrast to other network interfaces, such as wired Ethernet and wlan, NetworkManager reports the cdc-wdmX device (cdc-wdm0, cdc-wdm1, cdc-wdm2, etc.), that is the control port for each wwan modem. The cdc device is dynamically associated to the modems, so that depending on which modem is plugged into the computer and in which order, cdc-wdm0 for example can refer to any of the modems.

I have looked at the different settings available via "nmcli connection edit ...". The setting "connection.interface-name" seems to work only when the cdc device interface is specified, but as already mentioned that may change and hence can not be used directly.

I have made a NetworkManager connection configuration for each wwan modem and been able to associate each specific connection to a specific wwan modem by using the setting "gsm.deivce-id", but I was wondering if this is the recommended way or if there are any better alternatives?

I could not see that this has been answered earlier, but I might have overlooked something.

Best regards
Viktor S. Wold Eide

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