Problem activating hotspot

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04.1.


I’m using QDBus to interact with NetworkManager.


At the time I do all of the following, there’s no existing /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Settings/?? For the Hotspot.


When I call AddAndActivateConnection, I get the error: “A 'wireless' setting is required if no AP path was given.”


But when I use the nm-applet and click on “Use as a Hotspot”, it works fine.


I’ve used dbus-monitor –system ‘interface=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager’ to capture the method call with my app, and with nm-applet.


Except for the order of the dict entries, everything is the same in both the failing and succeeding method call.


Might there be some things not shown by dbus-monitor?


I’m also trying to run NetworkManager with the debugger (with no luck so far)…


Any pointer more than welcome!



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