Re: Auto-negotiation - Out of business

On 25/11/2016 20:57, Thomas Haller wrote:

"duplex ? : NULL" is not necessary :)

Removed, thanks :-)

maybe the link-negotiation part should be at the bottom of the page.
It seems that "Device" is more important, and should be on top.

You are right.. at least under "Device" is a must.
Moved bottom.


The tooltip of the UI fields should say something helpful.

Added tooltips for speed and duplex. This should help making more clear
that their values are required only when "static" link negotiation is
selected (implicitly)

Currently, if the user toggles the autoneg checkbox, the duplex|speed
setting stay unchanged at whatever they are, which is good.

ah no, checking autonegotiation, resets the Combo-boxes to "Automatic".
Hm, OK, that is a possiblity.
Maybe instead not reset the comboboxes, only disable them?

Or maybe best: temporarily reset them to "Automatic", but if the user
unchecks the checkbox again, restore the previous value (possibly

Well, as is the default and I think should be immediately clear how to
achieve that, I added an "Ignore" explicit option besides the "Auto"
one. In this way we could get rid of the "unset" options for duplex and
speed in the dropdown lists (DEFAULT/PRESERVE). When both "Auto" and
"Ignore" are unchecked "Speed" and "Duplex" are enabled and can take
only valid values.

Updated fg/c-e-ethernet-link2

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