Re: Proxy detection for IPv6 vs. Legacy IP

On Fri, 2016-04-29 at 22:20 +0200, Bjørn Mork wrote:

Implementing WPAD via DNS is not our priority now , it comes later

Please don't.  WPAD via DNS is a security nightmare.  Have your friendly
DNS resolver operator send over some query logs for wpad host names, and
you'll quickly realize that there is no end to the attack vectors.

Nevertheless, if we want this stuff to Just Work for us as well as it
does for Windows users, then I strongly suspect we're going to have to
do *something* with WPAD — horrendously scary though it may be.

Perhaps it ends up being a whitelist of domains under which you are
permitted to search. So I'd solve things for my users by adding just
"" to the list. Then when it's on the Intel network (and gets as a DNS search domain), it'll work fine. 

Perhaps — eventually — we might get a pop-up telling the user that
we've discovered a proxy configuration, and *asking* if they want to
use it (just this one / whitelist forever). Although I don't like that
much. Either way, it wants tying in with the captive portal detection.
If we *do* have real Internet connectivity, there's probably no need to
bother. But if we don't, and if the WPAD-offered proxy *does* work for
accessing our connectivity-test URL, then there's an argument that we
should at least *ask* the user if we can use it...

Either way, it's not our priority now. It comes later. Let's let Atul
get on with the basic plumbing for *handling* this information and
feeding it to PacRunner, and we can argue the specifics later for WPAD.


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