Re: Difficulties with network-manager-openconnect

On Sun, 2016-04-10 at 22:53 -0400, Michael Welsh Duggan wrote:
I have verified that nm-openconnect has read access to both the cert and key
files.  The problem persists.  Here is the log (with some addresses elided):

At this point, your nm-auth-dialog is basically doing the same thing as
you'd get with 'openconnect --authenticate'. It should be using the
*same* shared library to do this authentication.

So... unless you have a bizarrely hacked installation where the
NetworkManager bits are linked against one version of libopenconnect
while the installed 'openconnect' binary is newer, they *really* ought
to be behaving the same. Unless they're configured differently.

The first thing that stands out is...

POST https://[elided]
Attempting to connect to server [elided]:443
Using certificate file /home/md5i/private/certs/vpn-mwd.crt
Using private key file /home/md5i/private/certs/vpn-mwd.key

Your example of a 'successful' run with /usr/sbin/openconnect didn't
use those. You used a PKCS#12 'cert.pfx' instead. Is that because we
still don't let you select a PKCS#12 file in the properties dialog? You
can set it manually by editing the config file (or perhaps with nmcli,
although I don't know if that actually works for vpn-specific

Thankfully there's a GSoC project this year to fix the SSL certificate
choosers once and for all, and all this crap should start working

Server requested SSL client certificate after one was provided

So you sent a certificate which is *different* to the one in your
previous "working" example, and the server continued to ask you for a
new certificate. I'm going to stop hypothesising here; can you try
'openconnect --authenticate' runs with the above-listed cert/key, and
with your original cert.pfx?

DO NOT SHOW THE WEBVPN COOKIE. As discussed in the reply I sent a few
minutes ago, it represents your session — it's all we need to actually
connect to your VPN. In the logs it does get elided automatically, but
when you use --authenticate, emitting it is kind of the *point* so it
will still be seen.

Ping.  Any ideas?  Can I help debug this in any way?

For reference, openconnect-specific things are likely to get a faster
response from me on the openconnect-devel lists infradead org mailing
list. I only look at the NM list from time to time. Unless someone
explicitly adds me to Cc, which probably would have helped here (Dan,

David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre
David Woodhouse intel com                              Intel Corporation

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