Re: system sleep -> nm reacts too fast

Hi Beniamino,

yes, I tried that, too, but when going to sleep, NM doesn't seem to run
the dispatcher scripts at all.


we recently modified NM to run dispatcher scripts also on suspend [1]
and I wrongly remembered this change landed in NM 1.2.2 too, but
actually the backport happened after the 1.2.2 release and so it's not
available in the version of NM you have.

ok, so this obiously is the reason for my problems.
Thx for this hint.

Probably you can either wait that we release 1.2.4 and your distro
ships it, or recompile NM from git (master or nm-1-2 branches).

openSuSE Leap 42.1 still ships 1.06 :)
So version 1.2.2 that I use is from a different repo.
I'll try to find 1.2.4 somewhere.



Michael Hirmke

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