Re: How to activate MAC address randomization?

On Wed, 2016-07-06 at 16:45 +0200, poma wrote:
On 18.06.2016 14:36, Chris Laprise wrote:


Is there more of a consensus now on this issue?

My last attempt at using NM 1.2 with wpas 2.4 and iwlwifi driver
supposedly uses nl80211) resulted in NM saying it couldn't turn 
randomization on.

If I compile the latest NM 1.2 and wpas 2.5 master branches, should
work? My objective is to document the conditions and steps needed
to get 
wifi randomization operational on Qubes OS, which is based on


Have you tested recent Haller's commits?
"wifi: implement MAC address randomization in NetworkManager instead
of supplicant"

Hi poma,

I wanted to reply to this thread, explaining what I changed there... I
forgot, ...

on master (upcoming 1.4.0) wpa-supplicant is no longer used to
randomize MAC addresses. Instead it's done by NetworkManager.
Also, this also works now with ethernet, not only Wi-Fi.

Again, randomization during Wi-Fi scanning is enabled by default. It
can be disabled per-device via NetworkManager.conf:
See `man NetworkManager.conf`.

For randomzation during connection, the wifi.mac-address-randomization
setting is deprecated (but still used in case you have old connections
on disc).
Now, you configure instead wifi.cloned-mac-address (or ethernet.cloned-
mac-address). See `man nm-settings`.

  nmcli connection modify $MY_WIFI wifi.cloned-mac-address stable

Related expert options are:

  * per-connection (man nm-settings):

    - "connection.stable-id", which affects the generated ID for
      with "cloned-mac-address=stable". If you have multiple 
      connections that should generate the same MAC address.

    - "wifi.generate-mac-address-mask",

  * per-device (man NetworkManager.conf):

    - "wifi.scan-generate-mac-address-mask"


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