Re: nm-1-2 blocker cleanup

On Mon, 2016-02-22 at 12:27 +0100, Lubomir Rintel wrote:

with the 1.2 release approaching, we need to decide on which bugs set
for 1.2 
milestone need to block the release. No new features should remain in
the list,
only things that absolutely need to be fixed before the release such

I propose that these should be retargetted for nm-1.4: 

683206: maximize device availability (IFF_UP/IFF_LOWER_UP) for IPv6
link-local communication during runtime and after exit
699843: leave interface configuration when removing from NM
708829: dnssec: support per-connection DNSSEC options for local zones
699810: dns: support for unbound with split DNS and DNSSEC
746440: improve behavior for assumed and unmanaged devices, do better
at seamless take over, and don't touch devices
760907: fix handling of invalid connections in libnm/libnm-glib

Yeah, I think all of these can get retargeted.

And I think these should remain blocking 1.2:

697370: live reconfiguration of NMDevices

Like Thomas said, what is left to do here?  Obviously we're not going
to fix everything for 1.2 so I think we should just split/clone this
for specific properties and close 697370?

740574: support appindicator based systrays (found in Unity, KDE,
Enlightenment and more)

This one was only about some additional nice-to-have stuff that would
make the applet easier to maintain.  So I went ahead and did the
required dbusmenu changes and applet side (both linked in the bug) but
we have to wait for a code review on Launchpad and a new library
release.  If things happen in the next few weeks I'm happy to merge
that code for 1.2.  But I doubt it...

736406: NetworkManager.service should use KillMode=mixed> 
740739: cannot activate shared connection on physically disconnected
748302: [review] lr/cli-add-master: Make it possible to specify
master connection/device for any connection profile
760998: resync with systemd upstream code before 1.2
761389: don't mess with interface handled by clatd
762322: reapply does not restore IP configuration
762331: revert behavioral change for NM_UNMANAGED_USER_CONFIG being
overwritable by USER_EXPLICIT

Thomas fixed this one already it seems.

762333: ensure autoconnection does not make a device
341323: [ENH] Verify subject of remote certificate [See dependency
tree for bug 341323]

Yeah, this one should get enabled, and maybe we even add it to editor
while we're at it.  I think domain_suffix_match is also simpler for
users and administrators to implement anyway.

Anything I didn't comment on I agree with your assessment.


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