Re: nm-1-2 blocker cleanup

On Mon, 2016-02-22 at 12:27 +0100, Lubomir Rintel wrote:

I propose that these should be retargetted for nm-1.4: 

760907: fix handling of invalid connections in libnm/libnm-glib

I think this should be fixed for 1.2. But it needs discussion how to
fix it. The fix itself should be simple.

And I think these should remain blocking 1.2:

697370: live reconfiguration of NMDevices

I would move this to 1.4 What is missing here? Sure, we need UI support
like nmcli commands

  nmcli device modify $DEV +ipv4.addresses
  nmcli connection modify --reapply $CON +ipv4.addresses

That seems like a follow-up (nmcli) feature. We already have D-Bus API
in place and we did already great internal improvements that make this
possible (lr/applied-connection and lr/reapply).

736406: NetworkManager.service should use KillMode=mixed

I don't think we can even do this as of now. It would kill our dhclient
instances. I would move to 1.4.

740574: support appindicator based systrays (found in Unity, KDE,
Enlightenment and more)

This seems to be fixed for the most part. The remaining parts seem a
lot of effort. I would postpone to 1.4.

760998: resync with systemd upstream code before 1.2

(I just did that recently, but let's keep this as a reminder to resync
again as 1.2 gets closer. This bug is never really fixed, but should be
done from time to time).

I agree with all the rest.

thank you,

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