Re: NM ignores knobs regarding ipv6

On Tue, 2016-02-09 at 19:21 +0100, Olaf Hering wrote:
On Fri, Feb 05, Dan Williams wrote:

Can you grab some NM log output?  the NetworkManager openvpn plugin
does have support for IPv6, but we need to figure out if:

1) NM or NM-openvpn is somehow ignoring your request to have them
ignore IPv6 configuration

In nm-connection-editor I had set IPv6 to "Ignore", which I
as "whenever the peer offers ipv6, just ignore that offering". So
interpretion of "ignore" was wrong. Not sure which part of the system
does actually apply the offered addresses and routes. Are you saying
there might be some sort of autoconfiguration going on, like it could
done for wired connections?

It could be better documented, it really means "don't do anything IPv6
related in NetworkManager, but don't prevent anything else either".  So
NM isn't touching IPv6, but the kernel also has IPv6 autoconfiguration
capability and that's what is likely running on the interface outside
of NetworkManager.

Once I changed it to "Automatic (VPN)" the "Routes ..." knob

Now you've allowed NM to handle the IPv6 configuration on the

Here the default is for "Use the connection only for resources for
network" is disabled. Once I checked that box, the default route is
applied. I did the same already for ipv4 to avoid that all traffic
through tun0.

Sounds right.

For short: now that I have the checkbox for "Use the connection only
resources for this network" enabled my connection works as expected.

If something can be done about the misleading "Ignore", that would be

Yeah, we should add a 'disabled' too.


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