NM ignores knobs regarding ipv6

The openvpn connection I have been using for months just gained support
for ipv6. A few months ago I already set ipv6 to "Disabled" in the IPv6
tab of nm-connection-editor 1.0.8. But when the tunnel is established NM
applies the settings received from the peer anyway.

I also tried to apply just the addresses, ignore the received routes.
Whatever happens, all ipv6 traffic goes through the tunnel as a result.

Why does NM ignore the knobs? It calls openvpn like that:

--remote $host 443 tcp
--dev tun
--dev-type tun
--cipher AES-256-CBC
--auth SHA512
--tls-auth $key 1
--reneg-sec 0
--syslog nm-openvpn
--script-security 2
--up /usr/lib/nm-openvpn-service-openvpn-helper
--management /var/run/NetworkManager/nm-openvpn-05c972e7-1f61-4bca-a5a0-c6b0ed7b44a6 unix
--management-client-user root
--management-client-group root
--auth-retry interact
--ca $crt
--cert $crt
--key $key
--user nm-openvpn
--group nm-openvpn

Does openvpn do all the address assignment by itself?


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