[bug 776384] nm-applet not show wwan options on menu after logout/in

Hi All,
It's so nice to join this mailing list.
Recently I encounter a issue that nm-applet not show wwan options on menu in my Ubuntu Xeinal 16.04.1:

* In nm-applet, it caused by device-added signal comes before mm_new_ready() which is the call back of mm_manager_new(). And that asynchronous way was added by 408b88cc (Dan Williams 2014-05-01:
* revert 408b88cc fixed this issue.
From the comment of 408b88cc shows it intends to fix slow response of nm-applet when waiting for modem.
But as least it shows up wwan operations even slow response.
So, I'm curious about how if we revert that commit to make sure wwan option can always be showed in menu?
BTW, my distribution is Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.1
Alex Tu.

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