Re: NetworkManager 1.4 article: call for help

Hi Lubo, Thanks for starting this. Looks very good. 

Hi Everyone else who commented or contributed. Many thanks

Should we add something about MM1.6? Or is that completely separate from NM1.4. 
I am just think it might be good to share information with the community about it. Sometimes we get a comment from them that we do not disclose stuff to them.
This is one thing that is decent size and might warrant info sharing about it. 

You guys know more 

Just a minor suggestion from me

On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Lubomir Rintel <lrintel redhat com> wrote:

We're nearing 1.4 GA. Here's the draft of the blog post:

As usual, input from you -- folks whose language and technical
qualities largely surpass mine -- helps tremendously.

NetworkManager crowd: don't be shy to do *large* edits; add features
I've omitted or perhaps cross out stuff you deem extraneous.

Thank you!

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