WPA/WPA2 Enterprise details



I'm trying to improve our WPA/WPA2 Enterprise support in KDE and I have few questions regarding 802-11x security setting.


1) When phase2-foo properties should be used instead of just foo properties (e.g phase2-private-key/private-key) ? In implementation of gnome-applet I see they are used when phase2 property is set to true, but it's always set to false as I can see.


2) Are subjectMatch/altSubjectMatch properties still valid and used? I don't see this implemented in gnome-applet, but we had this implemented in the old KDE networkmanagement applet. I'm asking because we got a bug report about missing implementation of these properties for the new applet and I would like to be sure how this should be implemented.


Bug report: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=342728


Thanks for your help.





Jan Grulich <jgrulich redhat com>

Software Engineer, Desktop team

Red Hat Czech

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