ANN: New VPN plugin: NetworkManager-fortisslvpn 1.0.6


there's a new VPN plugin that aims to be compatible with "SSL VPN" as
by various FortiOS-based devices. It uses openfortivpn on the backend.

It's versioned 1.0.6 so that it's aligned with the other VPN plugins.
You can grab the source from here:

Note: To use all features provided by the plugin you'll need the most
recent Git snapshot of openfortivpn. The new release of openfortivpn
the distribution packagers could use is expected shortly (in a day or

Thanks to Aurimas Černius and Piotr Drąg for contributing the
translations, to Michal Ingeli for diligent testing with an actual
Fortigate hardware, and to Adrien Vergé who did most of the work on the
openfortivpn backend.


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