Re: MC 7304 ipv4v6

Reinhard Speyerer <rspmn arcor de> writes:

On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 10:58:17PM +0100, Thomas Schäfer wrote:
I would be very happy if somebody tells me the steps for testing with PDP-
context IPv4v6.

Not sure whether this also applies to qmi-cli as I used a different
QMI client (which leaves network interface initialization to the
application) for a short dualstack test with Linux kernel 3.12.x and a
MC7304 but for me IPv6 only worked when explicitly assigning a
link-local address with e.g.
# ifconfig wwan<n> inet6 add fe80::1:2:3:4/64 up
when the network interface was set to raw IP mode instead of simply using
# ifconfig wwan<n> inet6 up
as no router solicitations were sent out otherwise.

That's a very good point indeed!  I didn't think of the possibility of
supporting SLAAC over raw-ip interfaces. I only did manual address
config on IPv6 too. Thanks for verifying that the modem replies to RS
over raw-ip.

I'll see if I can figure out what it takes to automatically assign a
link local address for these interfaces. I guess that should be done in
any case for proper IPv6 support


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