NetworkManager-libreswan to replace NetworkManager-openswan

Hello everyone!

For 1.2 series we're renaming NetworkManager-openswan VPN plugin to

It seems that the user community has shifted its focus to libreswan for
new deployments therefore we decided to rename the plugin to avoid

Currently the plugin supports both libreswan and openswan as there are
very few differences between the two when it comes to interfacing with
the plugin. However, with openswan having been dropped from major Linux
distributions (Fedora and Debian most prominently) it's getting more
difficult for us to ensure that openswan remains well supported.

NetworkManager-libreswan will remain be compatible with existing
NetworkManager-openswan connections and the transition should be
smooth. We'll release first version of NetworkManager-libreswan
together with the release of NetworkManager 1.2.

We're committed to maintain NetworkManager-openswan as long as
NetworkManager 1.0 stable branch is maintained.


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