Re: libnl-3.2.25 doesn't report version info to Network Manager.

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 12:31:42AM +0200, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Wed, 2015-05-20 at 20:47 +0100, John Whitmore wrote:
So I got my libnl conflicts sorted out but I'm afraid I'm no farther down the
road. I can barely remember why I started all this. USB 4G Modems :-(

Even looking at some of the regular desktop distro can't handle them at all so
why did I start this on a RaspberryPi of all things?

So now after installing:


when I run NetworkManager I get told that it can't find a configuration file:

No config file found or given; using /usr/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

you can specify the location of the configuration with

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc

That's a bit of a surprise as I'm overwriting a previous install of
NetworkManager which has a config file in /etc/NetworkManager. So I pass that
config file to NetworkManager.

Either way makes no difference actually as the NM bombs out on an assert

libnm:ERROR:../libnm-core/nm-setting.c:1830:constructed: assertion failed: (_priv_esi->info)

maybe you need this patch:


Don't know what to say. Well tired of it. Could try the Arch Linux distro for
RPi. Just for a fresh hell. A lot of distros I've tried on the desktop simply
can't eject the CDRom when it's plugged in.

Back to the drawing board.

Any ideas would be great. Maybe the assert is because of a config issue? Maybe
even a simple config issue?

Need a break


Just to let you know how I got on with this, I gave up on ever getting things
to build happily on the Raspbian Distro and instead turned my attention to
working with the Ubuntu Mate distro. That's got a more up to date set of
utilities and ModemManager and NetworkManager seem to work great when they get
the oppertunity.

Problem is that Ubuntu will not release the CD Drive and let usb_modeswitch do
its work. Still trying to get my head around that and there's a fair amount of
banging my head against a brick wall.


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