Re: Building NM-1.0.2 on RaspberryPi

On Tue, 2015-05-19 at 12:47 +0200, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Tue, 2015-05-19 at 11:35 +0100, John Whitmore wrote:
The short back story is that I'm trying to get a USB 4G Modem working on a
RaspberryPi 2B device. Via much help and direction from the linux networking
mailing list and the modem manager mailing list I find myself here.

The latest version of raspbian for the RPi 2 had such an old version of
ModemManager packaged up it's not supported so I started on a bit of a Linux
From Scratch trip to install later versions of both the ModemManager and
NetworkManager. ModemManager built but NetworkManager is giving me a compile
time error which I think is strange.

dhcp-network.c:79:17: error 'BPF_XOR' undeclared

I'm happy enough that it's an error but I'm confused that it didn't first
complain that it failed to find a header file?

I'm running the latest kernel (3.18.13) which I cross compiled on another
computer so all the linux headers on the RPi 2 are from the older kernel. So I
have to get my linux into a place where NetworkManager build can pick them up,
but like I say above I'm unsure why the header file wasn't first falgged as an
error. Searching through the linux source tree I find that definition in:


Because of the lack of header warning I'm wondering if that is the header at
all and wheather there's some other issue with my build? Perhaps I should not
be using the later kernel at all?

ah sorry. You are using the latest headers... :)

are you sure about that?

Use the headers that match your kernel.


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