Re: network-manager/nm-applet doesn't recognize my wired connection

On Wed, 2015-05-13 at 19:08 -0400, Caesar Samsi wrote:

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server, then installed Cinnamon which
includes the nm-applet but apparently did not install network-manager.
I then installed network-manager.

The applet appears in the panel right side. However, it shows a
disconnected icon, even though I have a wired connection that works.

what gives:

  nmcli con list

  nmcli con status 

  nmcli dev list 

If I [sudo service network-manager stop] the applet disappears. When I
sudo service network-manager start] the applet appears but still
showing disconnected.

NetworkManager consists of a daemon that runs as root.
  "service start|stop"
controls whether that deamon runs.

nm-applet is an independent UI application that interacts with the
NetworkManager daemon. If the deamon is not running, nm-applet hides,
otherwise it shows an icon.

What can I check/fix?


Thanks, Caesar.

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