Re: [PATCH] device: prefer wifi over wwan by default

* Aleksander Morgado

Having a single APN entry for provider in the serviceproviders.xml
doesn't guarantee that that APN is the one the user needs to use... it
may very well be; but if it isn't because the DB is not up to date,
the user may be incurring in unexpected expenses...

Are there really providers that price usage of different APNs
differently in this manner? Those I've had dealings with only consider
the amount of MB transferred - exactly which APN I'm connecting to
doesn't matter. If I get the APN wrong, the only thing that happens is
that I simply won't be able to get on-line.

Most other platforms, like Android, iOS, and SailfishOS for example,
appears to simply go with the defaults APN they have in their provider
database without asking user confirmation (and SFOS even uses m-b-p-i).
That seems to work out just fine for them, so I can't help but wonder
if you're being overly cautious here.

But we could at least try to autoselect as much of that info as
possible (e.g. preselecting country/operator based on MCCMNC of the
SIM card), that's true.

That would be a big step in the right direction. :-)


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