Re: [PATCH] device: prefer wifi over wwan by default

I, on the other hand, just want to be on-line whenever I can, so I
simply use autoconnect=true for all available connections. Now I just
need Aleksander to figure out what's going on in fdo#90973 and
everything'll be just peachy. :-)

Speaking of which, I just got hit by a related issue in my own laptop
the other day. My MBIM modem would be kept in 'connected' mode
internally even after system reboots - looks like the WWAN module
doesn't get rebooted. And this meant that the modem would return with
"can't connect; max activated contexts" all the time, unless I did a
full system power off and power on again. Looks like a firmware bug to
me, but we should probably try to handle that as well by trying to
explicitly disconnect the modem on boot by default or something. Not
sure yet how to best handle the issue. Anyway, unrelated to the
original email thread.


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